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Securely connect your cloud

We are using best AWS security practices to securely connect to your cloud environments. Our app provides simple steps to create your cross account roles in a quick and safe way

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Generate diagram & documentation

Once you have connected your AWS account you can start to automatically visualize your infrastructure in an AWS architecture diagram and documentation. Easily understand how resources are connected and configured. Finding issues like unused resources or security problems is now simpler than ever before!

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AWS architecture diagram tool

You can easily update generated diagrams by using diagram editing toolbar. It's possible to start from scratch and build up using pre-existing library of official AWS icons, group elements or generic shapes. We have built this as architecture diagram tool so that you have enough possibilities to create useful cloud architecture diagrams


Export as PNG, SVG, PDF, WORD, JSON or

We provide an easy way to export your cloud environment visualization to one of the supported formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, WORD, JSON and Additionally, it's possible to export synced resource properties by checking properties checkbox in export popup

Diagram Style

Define your own diagram generation styles

We know that there can be different visualization needs for different cloud architectures. That's why we have developed diagram generation profiles. Besides of our default generation profiles you can easily set your own diagram generation settings and style and save these for later use as profiles

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Automate & Schedule

Schedule autogeneration of your diagrams and documentation for your AWS environments by creating automation profiles. Embed generated diagrams into your Confluence, wiki or different dashboards - so you and your team will always have an updated diagram of your AWS environment

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Take control of your cloud architecture

AWS Diagram Templates & Examples

You can use our app to kick-start creation of new AWS diagrams by using our AWS diagram templates library

Additional Features

Here are some additional features that could be good to know when starting to use our app

Search AWS inventory & diagram

You can filter out specific elements from your synced AWS data and diagrams by different key words like element types, properties etc.

View your synced data

You can easily view your synced data. Just click on the element in the diagram or in the left side menu and we will show the synced data for selected element

Manage your team

For companies with multiple users, you can easily manage your team by creating new users, granting them access to use the app, or revoking access by removing users from your team

Sync your data when you need it

We are not syncing or accessing your cloud environments without your request. You are the owner of the data refresh frequency. You can refresh the data as often as needed

New & Previous AWS icons

We support both - new and previous versions of AWS icons. We have created default generation profiles for new and previous icon versions. You can generate your AWS architecture diagrams by choosing one of these profiles. Additionally you can always drag & drop new icons to your diagram from Shapes section

Set default diagram generation profile

You can set your default diagram generation profile so that when you press Sync button (if auto generate selected) we will always use chosen profile to generate your AWS cloud architecture diagrams

We put in a lot of effort to provide our users with the ability to automatically generate useful AWS cloud architecture diagrams

We're confident you'll love our app, and we'd like to offer you a chance to try it out for free

AWS Marketplace

You can now subscribe to through AWS Marketplace as well. This means that billing for your subscription will be handled by AWS - the same way as you would normally pay for your AWS usage

As experienced AWS architects and developers, our goal is to provide users an easy way to create stunning AWS architecture diagrams and detailed technical documentation. Join us to simplify your diagramming process and unleash the beauty of your cloud infrastructure

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