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We are team of experienced certified AWS cloud architects, developers and enthusiasts. With one main goal in mind - to give our users an easy way to generate useful cloud architecture diagrams. We are happy to finally introduce you with our cloud architecture visualization tool

Our Team

Cloudviz Team is mainly based in the north of Europe - Latvia. All the folks here have worked in different domains like finance, telecommunication and government related companies from different parts of world. Thus we have pretty broad experience on board when we talk about private and public cloud architectures.

"We are small but motivated team to help our customers to visualize their cloud and use generated diagrams whenever needed"
Valts Ausmanis | Co-Founder of Cloudviz.io


Most of us here are AWS enthusiasts. We are helping our customers not only to migrate from private and public clouds but we are working hard to use AWS cloud as efficiently as possible.

We have learned that to create and maintain "As-Is" and "To-Be" architecture diagrams takes a lot of time that's why we created Cloudviz.io app with cloud visibility in mind.

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Cloudviz.io App

We have spent quite a time in development and testing to be sure that our tool works as expected. Now you can easily to start visualizing your AWS cloud in couple of minutes.

  1. Securely connect your cloud to our app

    We are using best AWS security practices to securely connect to your cloud environments. Our tool provides simple steps to create your cross-account roles in a quick and safe way.

  2. Synchronize & Generate diagram with one click

    Once you have connected your cloud environment to our tool you can generate your AWS architecture diagram with one click. Just check the "Auto generate diagram" and press Sync button

  3. Update generated diagram

    You can easily update your generated diagrams in order to get your desired look. You can create new blank diagrams, add new elements to it, copy elements from multiple generated diagrams and so on. We have built this tool so that you would have enough possibilities to create beautiful cloud architecture diagrams

  4. Export diagram as PNG, SVG or PDF

    We provide an easy way to export your diagram to one of the supported formats: PNG, SVG and PDF

  5. Define your own diagram generation styles

    Here at Cloudviz.io we know that there can be different visualization needs for different cloud architectures. That's why we have developed diagram generation profiles. Besides of our default generation profiles you can easily set your own diagram generation settings and save these for later use as profiles. You can read more about generation profiles in our FAQ section

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Cloud Architecture Diagramming Tool

Cloudviz.io app is not only about generating cool diagrams of your AWS cloud. It's more than that.
You can use all the basic functionality that you have in most of the drawing tools these days to create your own architecture diagrams. Like:

  • Create / Update / Clone / Delete diagrams
  • Drag and drop new elements and icons to the diagrams from the Shapes or your Synced data section
  • Copy / Paste / Delete / Change element size, color, order, line color, line type, text size and many more different features
  • Both AWS icon versions (new and previous) are supported

We are constantly improving our editing tool so if you see something that behaves strangely please drop us a message

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What's Next?

We never stop improving our app even despite of fact that we just launched it. We have already started to work on new features that we think will be really useful for our customers. Like:

  • Direct API access. Sync & Generate your live AWS diagrams. Read and write your existing Cloudviz.io data
  • Template library of different cloud architectures. This could be useful to speed up creation of your "To-Be" architecture diagrams
  • Download / Upload your Cloudviz.io diagrams (JSON)
  • Load API Gateway and Lambda connections when generating new diagrams
  • Load and visualize new resources from AWS like "Redshift Node", "EFS File System", "Elasticsearch Instance", "Kinesis Stream" ...

The cool thing is that if you start to use our tool now by subscribing to our Cloudviz Base price plan - ALL the new features (including API Access) will be available to you without upgrading your price plan. We appreciate our users for trusting us and giving us a chance in the early stage and this is the way how we will say thank you!

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us

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As experienced AWS architects and developers, our goal is to provide users an easy way to create stunning AWS architecture diagrams and detailed technical documentation. Join us to simplify your diagramming process and unleash the beauty of your cloud infrastructure

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